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       How to use the LSRUR App


       Youtube Presentations and Live Zoom Videos

        SSSV AGM training

       What happens next with Development squad foul play

       High tackle framework

       Role of the referee presentation 

       Scrum presentation - Crouch, Bind, Setting the Standards

       Scrum - Q and A's with live demonstration

       Coaching and Mentoring guide 

       Ready4Rugby, Pressure Rugby and Role of the Referee Q and A's 

       Managing a Fracas

       Foul play - contact in the air



        Return to Rugby law adaptions presentation and referee protocols

        Presentation and protocols

        Scrum freekick Video

        Line out video

        Maul video



        Wayne Barnes Simple Guides to rugby 

       'Connected Match Officials - Head Contact Process'.

        In touch or in play?

        Try scoring

        Double Movements

        Deliberate knock-ons

        hand offs: Legal or Foul play

        Penalty tries from lineout/maul

        time on or time off

        off your feet at ruck: positive play vs penalties

         Uncontested Scrums explained

         Choke Tackles explained

         caterpillar rucks

         being put onside

         scrum 5 or 22m? Goal decisions explained


        Who are the teams and who is the referee? Please send any details you have to

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         clip 2

         clip 3

         Clip 4


        Corona Virus

       Stage by Stage corona virus roadmap A -D




       Ready4rugby playing guide

       Pressure zone rugby

       ready4rugby and pressure zone rugby Society easy guide



RFU Match Official Development Updates

August 2015 Update

November 2015 Update

LSRUR Referee - Club Protocol


Here you have all the reports that show the ladder that Andrew has undertaken to finally arrive at Grade 6D

 January 2015 Assessment

October 2017 Assessment

December 2017 Assessment

October 2018 Assessment

January 2019 Assessment

March 2019 Assessment

December 2019 Assessment



General Information

Referee protocols (expected behaviours for LSRUR referees)

Irish RFU Referee Manual 2019-20 (An excellent source of basic refereeing advice and practical tips) 

USA Rugby referees Manual 2018-19 (Another very good resource for game management and application of laws - well worth a read) 

IRB introduction to refereeing (written in 2004 so several laws have changed but still full of useful information) 


Set Pieces

George Richardson's Scrum presentation slides 

Tips on refereeing the scrum (Video)  

Front row replacements - Logic Tree to help determine what you need to do

Touch/Lineout - checklists


Open Play

Dangerous Tackles

Managing the breakdown

Tips on Positioning (Video)

High Tackle Framework


Assistant Referees 

Guide for AR's on National Panel (best practice for all AR's)



Player Safety (Video)

Headcase Concussion Management 


Preventing abuse 

Players' clothing and boots regulations

Match Preparation 


Laws of Rugby

2019 Law Book (Click Here to Download a pdf) 

2019 Laws Website

2019-20 Leicestershire Colts Leagues guidance

Comparison of new laws vs old (crib sheet listing old and new law numbers and 2018 revisions) 

Online version of the Laws of Rugby

X Rugby (Reduced format game - played on half pitch and with reduced contact)

Guidelines from 2015 (Checklists for scrums, management of offside, obstruction, tackle area and lineout)

Law Clarifications



 Advisor Development Documents

Adviser Module 1 - Society Match Observer PDF

Adviser Module 1 - Society Match Observer WORD

Adviser Module 2 - Development Match Observer

Adviser Module 2 - Society Match Observer WORD

Referee Coaching in practice (some out of date laws, but good checklists for referee development)


RFU Courses

CMOD Modules: How-to-book-my-course

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Referee Nutritional Concepts - July 2015