Training Documents

Refereeing Resources

General Information

An introduction to refereeing (written in 2004 so several laws have changed but still full of useful information) 

Referee protocols (expected behaviours for LSRUR referees)


Set Pieces

George Richardson's Scrum presentation slides (Jan 2019)

Tips on how to ref the scrum (Video)

Scrums (2014 laws but still very relevant)

Front row replacements - Logic Tree to help determine what you need to do

Touch/Lineout - checklists


Open Play

Dangerous Tackles

Managing the breakdown

Tips on Positioning (Video)




Preventing abuse 

Players' clothing and boots regulations

Match Preparation 


Laws of Rugby

2018 Simplified Law Book

2018-19 Leicestershire Colts Leagues guidance

Comparison of new laws vs old (crib sheet listing old and new law numbers and 2018 revisions) 

2017 Global Law Trials Memo from RFU

Online version of the Laws of Rugby

Guidelines from 2015 (Checklists for scrums, management of offside, obstruction, tackle area and lineout)

Law Clarifications (sorted by law)

Law Clarifications (sorted by year)


Advisor Development Documents

Adviser Module 1 - Society Match Observer PDF

Adviser Module 1 - Society Match Observer WORD

Adviser Module 2 - Development Match Observer

Adviser Module 2 - Society Match Observer WORD

Referee Coaching in practice (some out of date laws, but good checklists for referee development)


RFU Courses

CMOD Modules: How-to-book-my-course

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Referee Nutritional Concepts - July 2015