Recruitment & Training


The Society is always looking for additional recruits to refereeing, if you are interested then contact our Recruitment and Retention Officer

Noel Manchester – 01455634711 or John Hill 07885912510

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Society training nights are held alongside our monthly meetings on the last Monday of the month. An additional training programme is also provided for those referees looking to improve their knowledge of the game and this includes fitness and analysis of game situations. Training is provided by our Honorary Training Officer.

Any Leicestershire clubs that would like a referee to attend a training session please get in touch with the training officer and he would be more than happy to arrange a suitable referee to come down and help.

Tom Brucciani – 07720292277


All referees are watched at least once per season by our assessors and their reports, alongside input from coaches and mentors are used to establish the correct grade for our referees.The Grading committee meet twice a year under the Chairmanship of the Honorary Grading Officer to review the grades of all our referees.

Any referee can discuss their grade with the Honorary Grading Officer at any time during the season.

Peter Bower – 07860643152


The Society Assessor Development Officer is resposible for ensuring all the Society referees are assessed at least once a year. The Assessor team are also responsible for assessing all incoming referees from other refereeing societies. Assessors discuss how a referee has performed in a game with the referee and provide reports for use by the Grading committee.

Any referee can discuss their reports with the Society Assessor Development Officer at any time during the season.

Geoff Blackburn – 07581837472