Tournament Rules


RFU Regulation 13 2019-20(Covers rules for how competitions need to be run, times, what to do in the event of a tie etc)

RFU Regulation 13 2019-20 Appendix 2 (Covers numbers of subs, interchanges, what to do if uncontested scrums etc Plus new GAME ON principles)

GAME ON Principles (RFU initiative to encourage more games to be played - Applies to all non RFU league/Cup games unless specifically excluded) 

Midlands Division Rules 2019-20 (Sections 8 & 9 cover Cup games & Section 11 covers rolling subs)

County Cup Rules 2017-18 (Most current rules as of Sept 2019)

Daily Mail Cup Games - Follow U19 laws


X Rugby (Reduced format game to increase participation)




2019-20 Leicestershire Colts Leagues guidance

RFU Regulation 15 2019-20 (Relates to all age grade rugby)

U14's rules 2019-20

U15-U18's rules for Boys only 2019-20

U15-U18's Rules for Girls only 2019-20

(Note U19 laws are covered in the World Rugby Laws Variations



List of all RFU regulations 

Leicestershire RU Merit Leagues 2018-19 (No update available for 2019-20 as yet - assume that Game on principles apply and if not, then revert to these regs.)

LSRUR Summary of all Current Competition Rules 15/16