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You may be aware that unfortunately, our sport has had another devastating blow.

20-year-old Maddy "Twinkle toes" Lawrence sustained an injury whilst playing for UWE on Wednesday 9th March and was admitted to hospital. Unfortunately during her time in hospital, she picked up a bacterial infection which worsened causing her to lose her life.

We wish all members to take a minute "Applause" prior to their games this weekend in honour of her memory.

As a society our thoughts go out to her friends, teammates and family members.

We have had a couple of Super Sundays this season, but March brought us 2 HUGE super Sundays. Oakham and Uppingham both hosted their annual 7's tournaments resulting in over 60 games of 7's over the 2 Sundays. Our society are fortunate to be asked along once again after a couple of years off, Guy and Luke taking part in both! 

The rain stayed away for both weekends would you believe. So out with the washout cloggy 7's and in with the champagne sun shining 7's without having to get on a plane to Dubai! 

The Uppingham Team 

Luke Thompson, Phil Carter, Simon Hinks, Guy Gasper, David Cox, Elanor Wilkinson and Paul Tilley 

The Oakham Team 

Oakham 7's 2022

Pete Conor, George Richardson, Guy Gasper, Billy Richards, Mark Eliott, Luke Thompson, Greg Biddle and Andrew Torrens

Thank you also to Mr Chairman who was assigned as referee co-ordinator for Oakham, but stepped in to fill the 8 man team.


The staff at both Uppingham and Oakham pass on their sincere thanks for 2 very enjoyable days of rugby. If you fancy being part of any upcoming 7's tournaments please get in touch with the relevant fixtures secretaries when they reach out. Would be great to have more referees out on sundays supporting the variety of rugby we have upcoming this and next season. 

Dear all,


Please find end of season newsletter linked below.



A massive amount has happened this year and it shows the dedication of the committee and all our referees to the game and the society. We would like to thank you all for your hard work and commitment this season.



End of season newsletter


See you all at the AGM.


Kind Regards,


George Richardson

LSRUR Training and Promotions Officer

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