A big thank you to George Richardson for an excellent, informative and in depth presentation on managing scrums. George presented to our January Members' meeting and his notes can be found in the Training Documents section here.

George is a former England U20 prop and has rapidly risen through the refereeing ranks resulting in his recent appointment to the National Panel. Therefore it's fairly certain he know his scrum law and the relevant dark arts and his insights can help us all become better referees.  

There is no dispute that player safety is a major part of our duties as a referee. This means we have an obligation to maintain an awareness of and, where possible, control of situations that can lead to serious injury (take high tackles as an example).

Concussion is a very real threat to player safety and the seriousness of it can sometimes not be immediately apparent. Undetected, it can lead to some very unpleasant outcomes which could even be life threatening.

For this reason, the RFU insists that head injuries are treated with the highest priority and that those directly involved in the game (players/coaches/officials/physios etc) are properly trained to recognise and respond to possible incidences of concussion.

If you have not already done so, you are strongly urged to complete the Online Concussion Training Module – Headcase. This will take around 20 minutes and can be accessed at:


LSRUR referees have so far been slow to complete this course and I urge you to do so without delay to prove that we operate to the best standards and prioritise player safety.

You may even save someone’s life.

A Happy New Year to all our members!

No doubt fired up with great intentions for 2018 and full of resolutions to improve as referees, I am sure you will be pleased to hear that this month's Training Session at the Members' meeting on Jan 29th will be a CMOD course on the Use of Sanctions (Yellow and Red Cards) run by Paul Macmillan. 

The course will be held at BELGRAVE RFC and will start immediately after the meeting circa 8:00pm and finish for 9:00pm.

All welcome (including non-LSRUR members) but attendees need to sign up via the RFU course finder website as before. Full instructions are available on this website under Training Documents (scroll down to RFU COURSES) 

Tom Brucciani 

Training Officer


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