Four members of the society were presented with their kit at last night's January Members' Meeting, congratulations to George Jones, Sam Flatt, Stuart Dingley and Barry Morris (from left to right).











 Good luck with your refereeing and here is to the next ten!

A reminder that the first Member's Meeting of 2017 will be held at Belgrave Rugby Club starting at 19:30 on Monday 30th January.

Greg Garner will be delivering a presentation on the New High Tackle Guidelines.

The link to the newsletter can be found here

The IRB and the RFU have sent out an update to the refereeing of reckless and accidental tackles

There has also been an update to the Abuse of the referee

Physical Abuse of a Match Official has remained unchanged as per the previous sanctions table, however a new offence of ‘Incidental Physical Contact with a Match Official’ has been included.

World Rugby recognise that there will, on occasion, be instances of ‘reckless contact with a match official that occurs in a dynamic situation where no injury is caused’ and it was felt that the previous sanctions did not adequately cater for this category of foul play.

Some examples are shown below