League Regulations Affecting Referees

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1 All matches in the Competition shall be played under the laws of the Rugby

2 Football Union and shall comply with the Rules and Regulations of the R.F.U. Every Club in all League shall play its bona fide first XV.

3 In all matches in the Competition replacements and substitutes are permitted in accordance with Law 3 and the International Board Resolutions relating thereto.

4 Unplayed, Postponed and Abandoned Matches

  1. If weather conditions prevent a match being played or a match is abandoned because of such conditions with LESS than sixty minutes having been played, the match shall be played or replayed on a date directed by the Organising Committee of the League concerned.
  2. If a match is abandoned because of weather conditions where SIXTY OR MORE minutes have been played, then the score at the moment of abandonment shall stand and be deemed the final score in the match. The Referee's decision as to the necessity for abandonment and the number of minutes played at the moment of abandonment shall be final.
  3. If the Referee finds it necessary to abandon a match for any reason other than weather conditions, then irrespective of the number of minutes played, the result of the match may be determined by the Organising Committee of the League concerned or that Committee may order the match to be replayed.

5 Notification of match results

Each Club shall be responsible for correctly completing a match result card in accordance with regulations or the instructions set out in the Administrative Instructions applicable to such Club's League.

6 Referees

  1. The Referee for each match shall be appointed or provided by the RFU in respect of the Premiership, Championship and National Leagues 1 and 2 (North and South); and in respect of the Divisional Leagues by the Referees' Society to which the home Club pay a Referees' Society subscription, subject to any appointments made by the RFU.
  2. In all matches in the Premiership, Championship and National Leagues 1 and 2 (North and South) two  qualified Touch Judges shall be appointed by the RFU and the RFU Regulation relating to Law 6 shall apply. In all other matches each Club shall provide a competent Touch Judge who should not be a replacement. In an emergency a replacement may act as a Touch Judge.
  3. If the Referee appointed or provided under Regulation 14.1 has not arrived at the agreed kick-off time or if the Referee is unable to officiate for the whole of the match for any reason and a replacement Referee is available, the captains of the two Clubs concerned may agree that the replacement Referee can officiate and the result shall count in the Competition. Such agreement shall thereafter be binding upon the Clubs. If there is no agreement then that match shall not count in the Competition and it must be replayed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 11(a).

7 Kick-offs and delayed arrivals

Kick-off times for all League matches shall in the absence of a requirement from the Organising Committee appropriate to the League concerned start at the home Club's usual kick-off time but shall be between 2.15pm and 3.00pm.

In the absence of a kick-off time being specified by the Committee an early or late kick-off time may be arranged by mutual agreement between the two Clubs concerned. Any delay from the specified or agreed kick-off time may be reported by the non-offending Club to the Organising Committee of the League concerned and may lead to the match being awarded to the non­ offending Club.

8 Clash of colours/Identification of players

In the event of Clubs having similar or clashing colours the home Club will be responsible for changing its colours, subject to the satisfaction of the appointed Referee. The jerseys of the teams competing in the Competition should all be numbered or lettered to ensure the correct identification of all players and replacements during a match.

9 Grounds

A home Club is responsible for correctly and clearly marking its pitch and it must make proper provision to ensure that (with the exception of the Touch Judges) all spectators, replacements and Officials are kept at a reasonable distance from the field of play. When a late decision as to the fitness of the ground for the playing of a League match is necessary, it shall be made by the respective captains of the Clubs involved but if the captains are not able to agree, the decision shall be made by the appointed Referee. A late decision is defined as one made within 3 hours of the scheduled kick-off time.