Tom Brucciani led two excellent training sessions, on Tuesday covering the tackle and the subsequent breakdown followed by the scrum on Thursday. Special thanks to Belgrave and their coach Dave Towl who let us join them at their training sessions on the same subjects.

  Tuesday's crowd

Thursday's session


A first match briefing for 4 of our New members on Saturday 26th August at Vipers.

 L>R Tom Knott, Noel, Karl Strickland, Allana McLean

They watched Jonathan Bird referee the game between Vipers 2 and Old Wheatleyans 2 and asked many questions of our Recruitment & Retention Officer Noel Manchester.

Noel was assisted by Brian Packer and Kerrel Wills

The season is off to a great start

Members Meeting - Monday August 22nd

     The Society new kit was handed out to those members who qualified and Greg Garner went through the changes to the Laws for the upcoming season.

     Our Past Chairman Rhys Davies was presented with his LRU award for outstanding services for Rugby


    The following day a team of three were in action at the Premiership Academy Under 16 tournament at Warwick School showing off our new kit - George Richardson, Elliott Coombes and Kerrel Wills    -  


     Note that there are new variations for Under 15 age grade rugby   Under-14-15-Lineout-Clarification


The first Member's meeting of the new season will be held at Vipers starting at 19:00.

Members will be able to get the new Member's Handbook on payment of their subs -

£12 for Active Referees,

£9 for Other Members and

£5 for Students. 



This year your Society will be providing a new set of refereeing kit to those members who have officiated in at least 10 games during the 2015-2016 season.


This year there is a choice of shirt with collar or without, alongside a pair of shorts and socks.    

Remember there are minor law amendments this year and Greg Garner will be taking us through these at the meeting.

Remember you can use the Society Web Site to order kit, dress shirts & score cards - order today and collect at the meeting


 Come early to pay your subs and collect your kit!!!

Games are already coming in for August so please contact the appointment secretaries if you are interested in games.

The first Member's Meeting for paying of subs, new handbook and collection of new kit for those who qualify.

There are additions to the Gallery section with pictures from the Robbies 10's Tournament at Loughborough and the Society Fun day held at Bosworth water park.

Finally a link to the World Rugby Minor Law Amendments 2016 & Under-14-15-Lineout-Clarification.pdf

Important update regarding uncontested scrums in National League matches - this does not affect the Leicestershire Merit Table matches

For season 2015-2016 there will be an additional sanction for not seeing that the "man off" rule is adhered to.

This should be applied by the Referee when a side causes a game to go to uncontested scrums.

Next season it will no longer be judged as a referee mistake if the extra player is allowed to stay on the field of play because the referee forgot to make sure that the "man off" rule was applied.

Below is an extract from a recent Midlands Division Organising Committee meeting which we include as further information

Regulations & Administrative Instructions/Rules

i) League secretaries would need to warn their clubs pre season regarding the change in Appendix 1 – Sanction Guidelines to Regulation 13. Under Ineligible player(s) – selecting or playing an ineligible player (including replacements and substitutes).

The change will be an additional note of - Player not authorised to enter the field of play in accordance with RFU Regulation 13, Appendix 2.

This sanction would now be applied to a club that failed to make sure that the “man off rule” was adhered to when its team caused the game to go to uncontested scrums.

It would no longer be considered a referee mistake if having caused the game to go to uncontested scrums a team carried on playing with 15 men on the field of play.

To see the logic diagram Front-Row-Replacemment-Logic-Tree

Any questions - please contact Paul Macmillan


There was an excellent turnout for the August member's meeting with over 70 members attending.

The second half of the meeting covered the May 2015 Enforcement of current Law from World Rugby

For season 2015/16 World Rugby have identified 4 key areas for Match Officials to focus on.

LSRUR Referees have recived an update on the World Rugby directive and have been advised to be strict in the application of law.

The main rationale is player safety; with foul play on the rise, players who wish to push the boundaries should consider the consequences of their actions. 

Please follow the link below to view the World Rugby presentation.

If anyone would like clarification on any of the points or what guidance has been given to LSRUR referees please contact Greg Garner. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07704 909477 

First Member's meeting of the new season will be held on Monday 24th August at the Vipers.

Your annual membership is now due.

There are no changes to the fee so it is £12 for full/active members and £9 for all other members.

I will be at the first members meeting from 7pm to accept your payment and distribute the handbooks.

If you want to pay direct into the bank the sort code is 12-20-26. Account number 01875248. Name LSRUR. Please make sure you put your name as reference.

If you want to send by post please make sure you have my address in Yorkshire (Old Hall Barn, Leyburn Road, Kettlewell, Skipton - BD23 5RN).

Nick Lacey.

A number of referees and their families converged on Bosworth Water Park for a fun packed day of entertainment.

Josh Burgess ably assisted by Mark Elliott and Rob Knapp set up games of cricket, kayaking and a barbeque. For a full pictorial story of the day go to the gallery section.