We have been asked by the RFU to remind all referees of the correct protocols regarding suspected cases of concussion during matches. 

As detailed in the RFU Headcase guidance you should understand and implement the 4 R's - RECOGNISE, REMOVE, RECOVER, RETURN

If you feel the need to remove a player from the field due to suspected concussion then please note that they can take no further part in the game and should be referred to a medical practitioner. 

Head Injury Assessments (where a player can be assessed and cleared to return) only apply to the top tiers and not to Levels 5 or below. There are no HIA's at our levels of the game 

If you ask for a player to be removed due to suspected concussion, then you must not allow them to return to play. Equally if a team takes a player off due to suspected concussion, you must not allow them to return. 

This is why you really need to be a able to RECOGNISE symptoms of concussion so complete the online course if you haven't done so already. 

Finally - if a player is injured during your game and requires an ambulance or a hospital visit, you must inform John Hill our Secretary