Society Constitution


 Leicestershire Society of Rugby Union Referees





Aims and Objects of the Society                                                                                


Members’ subscriptions                                                                                             

Vice Presidents                                                                                                           


The Committee                                                                                                           




Appendix A – Executive Committee Terms of Reference :-                                     

Society Chairman                                                                                                       

Society Honorary Secretary                                                                                       

Society Honorary Treasurer                                                                                       

Society Honorary Appointments Secretaries                                                             

Society Assessor Development Officer                                                                      

Society Training Officer                                                                                             

Society Grading Secretary                                                                                          

Society Exchange Secretary                                                                                       

Society Recruitment & Retention Secretary                                                              

Society Promotions Secretary                                                                                    

Society Data Officer                                                                                                   

Society Safeguarding Officer                                                                                     

Appendix B – Grading Sub-Committee                                                                     


  1. TITLE

The name of the Society shall be the Leicestershire Society of Rugby Union Referees, hereinafter referred to as 'the Society'.

The Society is a Mutual Society.

    1. The Society shall be affiliated to the Leicestershire Rugby Union and the Rugby Football Union. The Society’s rules, regulations and procedures shall be subject to rules and by-laws of the Rugby Football Union, the Laws of the Game and World Rugby Regulations.
    2. The Society works collaboratively with the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Referees Society, in the Four Counties Federation.
    1. Officiate Rugby Union Football.
    2. To comply with and uphold the Rules and Regulations of the Rugby Football Union and World Rugby as amended from time to time and the Rules and Regulations of any body to which the Rugby Football Union is registered or affiliated.
    3. Provide Officials , as appropriate, to those Clubs/Schools/Universities paying fees to the Society, to others who ask the Society for its services and to matches played under exchange arrangements.
    4. Assist all Members to achieve their objectives within the Society.
    5. Safeguard appropriate standards of officiating for the game of Rugby Union within Leicestershire.
    6. In support of these aims the Society will:
      1. Recruit, train and appoint Referees, Assistant Referees, Referee Coaches and Match Observers.
      2. Assess and grade Referees, Assistant Referees, Referee Coaches and Match Observers.
      3. Manage the development of all Members, within the resources available
      4. Provide insurances and oversight for all Members appointed to act for the Society. 

To be eligible for full Membership of the Society, an applicant must fulfil the following conditions:-

 A formal application must be approved by the Committee.

The applicant must serve a probationary period which will include a safety brief, given by the Recruitment Officer or a Committee Nominated Representative and to referee ten games for the Society, or transfer from another Referees Society, with a grade recognised by the Rugby Football Union.

The Member must pay their annual membership subscription in a timely fashion.

 Full Members as defined herein shall be the only Members of the Society entitled to vote at any AGM or EGM of the Society.

 A Member may resign at any time by so advising the Honorary Secretary. A Member who resigns will not be entitled to any refund of subscription. 



 The Committee shall recommend to Members, for ratification at the AGM, the rates of Annual Subscription Fee for the following season.



 Full Members of the Society may, at an AGM, elect Vice Presidents from those Members who have served the Society with distinction and who shall hold the Honorary position until elected as President, or removed by resolution at a General Meeting.

 To be eligible for election as Vice President, 21 clear days’ notice in writing of nomination of the candidate shall be given, by a full Member of the Society, other than the candidate, to the Honorary Secretary. Such nominations shall be served by the Honorary Secretary upon Members of the Society, with the notice of the AGM. 



 Members are expected to:

a. Act in the best interests of the Society at all times.

b. Any Member whose actions are deemed contrary to the aims of the Society, may be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure of the Society.

c. The Committee shall have the power to suspend, or terminate, the membership of any Member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Committee, justifies such an action.

Disciplinary Procedure

a. A disciplinary hearing between the Member concerned, a nominated companion/representative and two Officers of the Executive Committee, will be held.

b. Notice of the disciplinary hearing will be issued in writing and describe the disciplinary matter(s) to be discussed.

c. The disciplinary hearing will be held within 14 days of the notice being sent, at a mutually convenient time/date and location.

d. The outcome of the disciplinary hearing will be communicated to the Member concerned, in writing, within 14 days of the hearing.

e. Any Member who wishes to appeal against a disciplinary decision of the Committee should do so in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Society, within 14 days of being notified of the Executive Committee's decision.

f. An appeal will be heard by two Members of the Executive Committee plus a Member of the Management Committee of the Leicestershire Rugby Union. The decision of the Appeal Meeting will be final. 




The Officers of the Society shall consist of:-

A President who shall be elected at an AGM and who shall hold office for two years. He may, on invitation, serve a third year. Any Member who has served as President is ineligible for re-nomination.

A Chairman, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected at an AGM and all of whom shall hold office for three years and shall be eligible for re-election.

The Management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Officers of the Society together with :-

An Honorary Appointments Secretary

An Honorary Re-Appointments Secretary

An Honorary Mid-Week Appointments Secretary

An Honorary Sunday Appointments Secretary

An Honorary Exchange Secretary

An Honorary Recruitment and Retention Secretary 

An Honorary Society Assessor Development Officer

An Honorary Training Secretary

An Honorary Grading Secretary

An Honorary Promotions Secretary

An Honorary Data Officer 

Each of these positions shall be elected at an AGM, shall hold Office for three years and shall be eligible for re-election (see Appendix A for roles and responsibilities). 

Five Members of the Committee, at least two of whom must be Officers, shall constitute a quorum.

Responsibilities of Committee Members are shown in the Appendix to this Constitution.

The Committee shall be vested with powers, and shall exercise these powers provided that it shall do nothing inconsistent with the Constitution and Rules or the general policy of the Society as determined by a General Meeting.

Any Member of the Society who wishes to meet with the Committee should apply in writing through the Honorary Secretary, and should indicate the matter to be discussed.

The Committee may form standing or ad-hoc Sub-Committees. The Committee shall define the functions of each Sub-Committee.  The Chairman of the Sub-Committee shall report on its activities, as required by the Committee (See Appendix 2).

The Committee may invite other Members to accept responsibility for specific functions in support of individual Committee Members. The Committee Member responsible for the activity shall be accountable to the Committee for any actions of a Non-Committee Member. 

The Committee may nominate a Member to represent the Society as required. The representative shall be guided by, and be answerable to, the Committee.

The Committee may co-opt Members to fill any vacancy occurring on the Committee or its Sub-Committee(s).  Co-opted membership shall lapse at the next AGM, but the Member may stand for election.

The Committee will nominate one of the Committee Member’s to undertake the role of Society Safeguarding Officer. This will be in addition to that elected Committee Member’s existing role but will not provide that Committee Member with an additional vote. 




Members Meetings

Ordinary General Meetings will be held on the last Monday of each month, normally during the months of August to April. The time and place of these meetings, to be circulated to all Members by the Committee.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will be held monthly, two weeks prior to the Members’ meeting.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in May. The Agenda for the AGM shall be agreed by the Committee and not less than 28 days’ notice given to all Members.

Thirty Members, or more, shall constitute a quorum.

The membership of the Society shall be informed in the month of April of those Committee posts which will become vacant at the next AGM.

Nominations for Committee posts must be proposed and seconded and sent to the Honorary Secretary, at least 21 days before the AGM. The Proposer and Seconder must be present at the AGM, or must have submitted a written proposal, signed by both, to the Honorary Secretary not less than 7 days before the AGM. In all cases, nominees must have declared a willingness to stand for election.

Only at the AGM shall the rules of the Society be altered, rescinded or added to, by the consent of a majority of Members present. 21 clear days’ notice must be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary of any proposals to alter, rescind or add to, the Rules of the Society. No less than 10 days’ notice of any such proposals shall be given in writing to the Members.

The Annual report on the activities of the Society during the previous year shall be prepared by the Committee and circulated to all Members prior to the AGM.

Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM of the Society may be called by five or more Members. The request must be in writing, signed by those Members requesting the EGM, addressed to the Honorary Secretary and shall specify the matter to be raised.

An EGM shall take place within two months of the date on which the Honorary Secretary receives a request. The calling notice must be dispatched to Society Members at least 14 clear days before the EGM.



The funds of the Society shall be obtained from:-

An annual subscription from Society Members, as agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

Payments will be collected from those Clubs and Schools requiring the services of Society Members. The amount and method of collection of such payment shall be determined by the Committee.

Members shall claim remuneration for travelling expenses to and from Society appointments. The amount and method of expense claims shall be determined by the Committee.

An account of the income and expenditure of the Society and a balance sheet shall be prepared by the Honorary Treasurer at the end of each season. Auditors appointed by the Committee shall audit the account and balance sheet. The audited account and balance sheet will be presented to the Members at the first Members’ Meeting of the next season, for approval by the Members.



In the event that the RFU or any other constituent body seeks to take over or participate in the Society, such that it will utilise a material element of the Society’s funds and it is reasonably considered not in the best interests of the Society, the Society’s Committee is permitted to call for and EGM whereby it will recommend the dissolution of the Society. 

The Society can be dissolved by resolution of an Annual General Meeting or an Extra Ordinary General Meeting. This will take effect if a two thirds majority of Members present so agree.

As per AGM/EGM, a quorum of 30 voting Members is required.

For dissolution, voting Members must have paid their annual subscription for that season and also have been an active Member of the Society, for a minimum of two complete years.

 In the event of the Society being dissolved, the Committee shall realise the assets of the Society and shall distribute them on the basis approved by Members who attend an EGM, called to agree the disbursement of funds/assets.

Any surplus assets/funds post winding up must be distributed to the benefit the refereeing of the game of rugby football in Leicestershire. No Member may personally profit from any dissolution of the Society once all reasonable expenses have been paid.


Appendix A.




The role of the Executive Committee is to manage the business of the Society to ensure it achieves its aims. It also serves to assist its Members in their duties and offers oversight for activities undertaken in the name of the Society. 

To ensure that all Committee Members work together and know what is expected of them in their roles, the following standards are fundamental requirements:-

All Committee Members undertake to deliver their actions to the quality and timescales agreed. 

All Committee Members provide an update on their actions at Monthly Committee Meetings or provide a written update, if unable to attend.

All Committee Members operate as a role model for Society Members in their roles representing the Society.

All Committee Members will provide timely information as required by their colleague Committee Members.

The Committee shall own the communication process for the Society.

Committee Members may fully brief and empower substitutes from Sub-Committees to attend meetings on their behalf, or brief/empower other Members when unable to attend.




The primary purpose is to ensure that the business of the Society is conducted in a suitable and befitting manner and to ensure that the best traditions, interests and practices of the Society and Rugby Football in general are upheld.

The Chairman is accountable to Members, for all work carried out on behalf of the LSRUR, through the Committee.


Chair all meetings of the Executive Committee, and Members’ Meetings. Maintain oversight of all activities of the Society and its Members to ensure it follows the aims and values of the Society.

Carry out all tasks on behalf of the LSRUR as required by the Committee.

Act as the LSRUR Representative and chief point of contact in relations with external organisations with powers of delegation to other Committee Members as deemed appropriate.

 Ensure Members of the Society are provided with:-

Opportunities to participate in rugby football matches as an official.

Appropriate training and development courses.

Society kit and memorabilia as available at the time.

Take initial responsibility for the selection of venue, date and Guests of Honour for the Society dinner.

To undertake any task, research or matter that would benefit the Society, and where possible, inform all the Committee Members beforehand. 




To carry out all administration for the Society.

The Honorary Secretary is accountable for all work to the Chairman and Committee of LSRUR. 


Carry out all administration tasks for the LSRUR as required by the Chairman.

Manage the provision of resources needed for the administration of the Society.

Maintain the Society Membership database and promulgate it annually to the Committee after annual subscriptions have been paid.

Act as single point of contact to the RFU in all Society administration matters.

Liaise with the LSRUR Treasurer to ensure all subscriptions are paid.

Record and promulgate minutes at all LSRUR Committee and Members’ meetings.

Make available to Members RFU literature and other Society Stationary such as Law Books and scorecards.   

Maintain the master copy of the LSRUR Constitution.

Maintain the master copies of all Committee Terms of Reference.




To manage the financial matters of the Society on behalf of the Members.

The Hon Treasurer is accountable for all work to the Chairman and LSRUR Committee.


To consider all matters relating to Finance, Sponsorship and Marketing, making relevant recommendations to the Committee of the Society.

Manage the financial expenses incurred by the Society, Members travel, insurance etc.

Manage the financial income of the Society, Members’ Subscriptions, grants etc.

Manage an accurate billing system for charges to be made to Clubs who use Society Services.

Implementing a system to charge Clubs a premium for late appointments, cancellations etc.

Checking of Referee expense claims prior to payment. Identifying any discrepancies relating to games that do not appear on the Appointments/Re Appointments lists.

Provide updated financial statements for Committee Meetings.

Provide end of year audited accounts and interim accounts for Society membership, at the first Members Meeting of each season.

Maintain financial records in accordance with statutory or regulatory requirements.



Saturday Appointments

Saturday Re-appointments

Sunday Appointments

Mid-week Re-appointments


To provide the focal point for all Leicestershire Rugby Union (LRU) affiliated rugby teams and Clubs within Leicestershire and appoint officials to matches, as appropriate to their grade.


To have responsibility for the appointment of all Society Referees to matches, as requested by LRU affiliated Clubs.

To maintain an accurate record of matches to which Society Members have been appointed.

Provide Assistant Referees for higher-level games as required.

Identify Referees with potential for advancement to a higher grading, forwarding their name(s) through the Grading Sub-Committee.

Provide a focal point for rugby teams, Clubs, Administrators or players for advice on matters of Law and interpretation thereof.




To promote, train and develop Match Observers within the Society.


To administer and organise the training and development of LSRUR Match Observers (MO).

To co-ordinate the appointment of Society Match Observers to appropriate games, on a weekly basis.

Collate Match Observer reports for all LSRUR Members and report to LSRUR Committee and Grading Sub-Committee, as requested.

The SADO is to ensure that all Officials have the opportunity to be monitored and developed to their potential.




To promote, train and develop Referees within the Society.


To administer and organise the training and development of LSRUR Officials, by facilitating the Rugby Football Union (RFU) training courses.

To organise a programme of ‘Central Training Meetings’, providing relevant training to meet identified needs.

Attend RFU Training and Development meetings as required.

The STO is to ensure that all Officials have the opportunity to be monitored and developed to their potential, and are encouraged to maintain a Personal Referee Development Plan (PRDP).




To monitor, record and publish, the gradings of all Members of LSRUR.


Organise and Chair the Society Grading Sub-Committee meetings, to be held monthly, prior to Society Committee meetings (see Appendix B).

Organise and Chair the Society Full Grading Committee Meetings, to be held at the mid-point of the season and at the end of the season.

Monitor and review the grading levels of all active Society Referees throughout the season and, in conjunction with the Grading Sub-Committee, produce a list of suggested amendments at the middle and end of each season, for consideration and approval by the LSRUR Committee.

Inform all Society Members of their relevant grading at the start of each season and on completion of each Full Grading Meeting.

As Chair of the Grading Sub-Committee, inform the LSRUR Committee of those Society Referees that should be considered for Development.




To provide opportunities for LSRUR Referees to officiate ‘out of county’, within other Societies.


To source suitable exchange appointments within other Societies, for LSRUR Referees.

Make contacts with fellow Society Exchange Secretaries, to facilitate the exchange of games.

Report to the Grading Sub-Committee about exchange appointments arranged.

Contact Referees chosen to go out on exchange, to ascertain availability.

Provide contact details of incoming exchange Referees, to appropriate Leicestershire clubs.




To recruit and retain new Members of LSRUR Union Referees.


To promote the opportunities for Officiating within LSRUR.

To receive and monitor all applications for membership of LSRUR.

To present all applications for membership of LSRUR to the Committee, for approval.

To provide a ‘safety brief’ and an introduction to refereeing and the Society, to all new Members.

To report the progress of all Probationary Referees to the Committee, on a monthly basis.




To provide information and social events for Members of LSRUR.


To provide a monthly Newsletter for Members of LSRUR, published prior to the monthly Members’ Meeting.

Collate all information for this Newsletter.

Organise ad hoc social events for Members of LSRUR.

Assist with organisation of the Annual Society Dinner.

Manage publications on behalf of LSRUR such as online or social media.




To manage and maintain the Society’s entries on the RFU Game Management System (GMS), Whostheref and any other Society system ensuring that all entries are accurate to enable the provision of information to both the Society and the Society’s constituent body where applicable. The maintaining of accurate data will also assist in Society communications.


Help to control access permissions and privileges to all data systems utilised by the Society.

Maintain data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act 2018.

Periodically audit Society Members’ data.

Keep Society Members up to date with system changes/basic training needs.

Work closely with the GMS trainers, Whostheref, GMS help desk and any Society system provider.

Be the Society’s point of contact for feedback on GMS, Whostheref and any Society system.




To provide leadership in the Safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults in the Society and within the teams to which the Society appoints Referees, maintaining key relationships with local safeguarding partners. The Society Safeguarding Officer must undertake the appropriate RFU Safeguarding courses and will ideally have a background in child protection or welfare related agencies. The incumbent should also have a range of skills and attributes including empathy, approachability, a good sense of humour, objectivity, attention to detail, resilience and dedication to the cause of safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults. The incumbent must hold a valid DBS certificate and be responsible for DBS checks that are required for Society Members.


Develop and maintain the Safeguarding Vulnerable People in Rugby Union policy and procedures in conjunction with the RFU policy and circulate and promote the RFU Code of Conduct.

Be visible and approachable to all Society Members and clubs to ensure that their contact details are available to all young people, parents/guardians or carers, Society Members and that these details are posted on the Society website and are also posted on the RFU Game Management System database.

Implement and maintain an effective DBS processing system for applicable Society Members to ensure that all individuals working with or refereeing young people and vulnerable adults undertake a DBS application every three years via the RFU.

Coordinate a programme of training for applicable Society personnel, including applicable Committee Members involved in working with young people and vulnerable adults. (This is to include arranging attendance at the RFU Safeguarding Play it Safe course.)

Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents involving vulnerable adult(s) and children/young people are reported promptly to the RFU Safeguarding Team.

To have the contact details for the local statutory agencies (police and social services) and liaise with them when necessary.

To produce for the Society website and review annually, the appropriate information covering all aspects of Safeguarding.

Ensure that the Society has a Child Protection Policy and develop a self- monitoring strategy.

Ensure Codes of Conduct are well publicised and adhered to by all applicable Society Members.

Monitor the Society website and any social media pages for inappropriate content and report and/or amend as appropriate.

Distribute to the applicable Society Members any literature, electronic communications and new developments concerning the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults.






Appendix B.




Honorary Grading Secretary

Honorary Appointments Secretary

Honorary Exchange Secretary

Honorary Society Assessor Development Officer

Honorary Training Secretary


To monitor and review the grading levels of all active Society Referees throughout the season, and to produce a list of suggested amendments at the middle and end of each season Full Grading Meetings, for consideration and approval by the LSRUR Committee.


Meet on a monthly basis.

Consider Referees for exchange appointments.

Consider Referees for any other appointments, such as County Representative games, County Cup games etc.

Monitor and review all Referees’ development and assess Match Observer reports as they are received.

Construct a list of ‘Referees on Development.’ (any Referee is eligible to be on Development if it is considered that they have the potential to improve their current grade).

Manage Referee Coaches and Mentors.

Allocate Referee Coaches and Mentors to Referees.