Red Card Action

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Provisional-Suspension-Letter-to-Referees-August-2013

When dismissing a player, note the following:

  • name
  • number
  • The time of the dismissal
  • The score at the time
  • The nature of his offence.
  • Immediately after leaving the pitch make detailed notes of the incident and establish the name of the player.
  • As soon as possible, and certainly within 48 hours, complete2015-16-LEVELS-5-BELOW-RED-CARD-REPORT(PDF) or 2015-16-LEVELS-5-BELOW-RED-CARD-REPORT(Word)  
  • Email the completed Report to the Society Secretary, John Hill at johnhill01@sky.com, who will forward the document to the relevant Constituent Body, after discussing with you if necessary.


  • If you are subject to abuse, do not react abusively or take any threatening action yourself. Try to identify the individual(s) concerned and note their names at the time. If possible, warn the individuals that you will be reporting their behaviour (this would not be appropriate if it were crowd abuse being reported, where it would be better to inform the club of the action you will be taking).
  • Make detailed notes immediately after the game.
  • Contact the Society Secretary, John Hill if you need advice (details at the top of the page).
  • As soon as possible complete a 2015-16-LEVELS-5-BELOW-MATCH-OFFICIAL-ABUSE-REPORT(PDF) or 2015-16-LEVELS-5-BELOW-MATCH-OFFICIAL-ABUSE-REPORT(Word) and submit it via the Society Secretary, John Hill at johnhill01@sky.com.