Andrew Torrens received his Society Kit from our President on his completion of 10 games for the Society at the November meeting held at the Vipers.



Tom Brucciani delivered a very insightful session on 'Managing Chat'.


Allana McLean is awarded her kit from the President, Kerrel Wills, after completion of 10 games for the Society at Lutterworth on Sunday 12th November.

Allana later refereed Lutterworth v Old Northamptonians in a Ladies under 15 cup game.



 Around 50 members attended the October Members meeting held at Vipers.

One of our new members, Spencer Lambert, received his Society kit from our president on completion of 10 games for the Society.

The training session at the meeting was the RFU Continuous Match Official Development (CMOD) modules, dealing with ‘communication & management.’ - The session was run by Paul Macmillan



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